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North America

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North America is the third largest continent following Asia and Africa, Most of North America’s area consists of three large nations and one large island territory. Which are Canada, the United States of America, Mexico and Greenland.
North America is one of two continents of the Americas, named after the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci,

Although the Central American and the Caribbean regions are technically part of the North American continent, they are commonly listed separately from their larger neighbors to the north and hence the distinctive region names for both cultural and geographical reasons.

The most populous country in North America is the United States. The second largest country is Mexico. Canada is the third most populous country. The majority of Caribbean island-nations have national populations under a million, though Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico (a territory of the United States), Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago each have populations higher than a million. Greenland has a small population for its massive size and therefore, it has the world's lowest population density.
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