Tips to Choose and Ideal Panchgani Tour Package

Situated in an ideal location above the sea to make for a spectacular piece of art, Panchgani is a must visit part of the country. With scarlet topped homes standing out in the arenas next to the lush green out fields, the beauty cannot be justified by description alone. Choosing a Panchgani tour package will offer you more than what you have paid for. There are different tour packages to choose from. Some of the best options are 1 night and 2 night packages. However, taking the assistance of a travel agent will help you to plan out your vacation based on your needs and budget.

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Panchgani Travel Guide – Getting to Know the Superior Appeal of the Place

The etymology of Panchgani points out to it being the place of five hills. It is one of the popular hill stations in Maharashtra. It literally means the place of 5 hills. Perched at 1334 mt altitude, it holds aesthetics that defy description. The attractiveness of the place is amplified by the distinct topography that is holds. With the appealing ragged terrain and scintillating coastal plains on either side, it has the best of the both. Its superior appeal had made it quite famous among the British officers of the nation, who then marked it as their summer resort. Therefore, if you are planning to visit this amazing place, choosing a Panchgani tour package can help you.

Make a Perfect Holiday Vacation:

Along with the irrefutably attractive scenery at the Panchgani hill station, there is also the added bonus of clear, clean and unpolluted air in this area. Therefore, recuperation then becomes one of the major objectives of visiting this hill station. Anyone looking for a respite from the humdrum of the usual population can reach here for a calming and uplifting experience. The beauty of the place never fades away, no matter what time of the year it is. However, in order to truly get the sense of beauty and perfection, the month of September is the best time to get here; because then the showers would have seen their ends for the season. However, Panchgani gets most of its travellers from December to February. The travellers who are not put off by the rain can also visit here through the monsoon. These showers that are common during in the evening are often accompanied by hailstones. However, the overall picturesque beauty that will be painted in front of you will take that off your mind.

An Untouched Tourist Attraction:

Out of the many tourist attractions that have been commercialized, Panchgani still stands out as an untouched and unadulterated place. There is no mistaking the simple yet, profound beauty that it holds within its grasp. You can have your peace and quiet here without a doubt in the various activities that you can indulge in, which include walking, horse riding or simple enjoying the feel of the light brush of air untouched by pollution, against your skin, while sipping tea. Therefore, if you are planning for a vacation to this amazing land, taking the assistance of a tour operator can help you.

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   Kamalgad Fort, Panchgani

   Morarji Castle

   Mount Malcolm

   Pratapgad Fort

   Rajpuri Caves, Panchgani

   Arthur's Seat

   Babbington Point

   Bombay Point (Sunset Point)

   Carnac Point

   Chinaman's Falls

   Mahabaleshwar Temple

  Rajpuri Caves

  Parsi Point



  Lord Karthikeya Temple


  Parsi Point, Panchgani

  Serbaug, Panchgani

  Tableland, Panchgani


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