Kodaikanal Tour Packages can be your Best Friend

Planning your trip with a Kodaikanal tour package can be really beneficial. It will not just help you to make some great savings, but also make your trip perfect and unforgettable. Packages are also best for people who are visiting Kodaikanal for the first time.

There are different packages available these days from which you can choose the best option. 1 night, 2 night and 3 night Kodaikanal, 2 nights Madurai 1 night Kodaikanal, 2 nights Ooty and 1 night Kodaikanal, 1 night Mysore, 2 nights Ooty and 2 nights Kodaikanal are some great options to explore the beautiful nature.

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Enjoy the Best Scenic Nature with Kodaikanal Tour Packages

Kodaikanal is the most exquisite and widespread hill station in Tamil Nadu state. This beautiful spot is located in the notable Palani Hills of the Western Ghats. As Kodaikanal is located 7,200 feet about the sea level, it has a pleasant climate all year around. It does not matter whether you are planning to travel with your family or friends, this is surely a great destination to visit. It is also considered as one of the best honeymoon spots from many years. It is also a famous spot amongst the nature lovers due to its amazing charm. It does not matter whether you are interested in leisure or a honeymoon trip, there are different Kodaikanal tour packages to choose from

Best Time to Visit Kodaikanal:

Although Kodaikanal has a pleasant climate year around, visiting the place from September to November can help you to enjoy nature at its fullest. During this time, the nature welcomes its visitors with a semitropical climate. If you are a person who enjoys cool and misty weather, visiting Kodaikanal in winters (November to January) could be the best option. Kodaikanal is terribly cool during winters with temperature of 30°C during day and a minimum of 8°C during night. Throughout January in the weather is chilling where you can see ice formation in the night. The nature becomes beautiful and stunning during this time.

Summers, which start from March to May have the common temperature in Kodaikanal which ranges between 20°C to 34°C. If you are interested in adventure travelling, visiting the place during summers could be the best option. During this time, you will find a numerous options like trekking, cycling, wild camping etc. Monsoons may not be a great time to visit Kodaikanal as it has average rainfalls. However, if you love enjoy wet and fresh nature in rain, surely you find it great.

Make your Vacation Perfect with the Right Tour Packages:

It does not matter what your travelling needs are, you can make your vacation perfect with the right Kodaikanal tour packages. This will help you to enjoy the best attractions in the place and make your trip organized. Some of the must see attractions in Kodaikanal include Pillar Rocks, Green Valley View, Shola Falls etc. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the beauty of Kodaikanal during your travelling as whole place is beautiful and mesmerising.


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  Bear Shola Falls

  Berijam Lake    

  Bryant Park    

  Coakers Walk     

  Dolphin's Nose   

  Green Valley View (Suicide Point)    

  Kodai Lake    

  Pillar Rocks    

  Silver Cascade Falls     

  Bison Wells, Palani Hills

  Silver Cascade Falls    

  Dolmen Circle

  Chettiyar Park

  Moir Point    

  Pambar Falls   

  Perumal Peak   

  Pine Forest    

  Thalaiyar Falls

  Lutheran Church

  80 Mile Round

  Kodaikanal Golf Club

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